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Radeon 6950 on a 4K screen

A couple months ago I've tried to pair my Sapphire Radeon 6950 2GB with a 4K (well, a 3840x2160 ASUS PB287Q) screen. I've googled a bit about compatibility and it seems like it could handle it, although unofficially and only at 30Hz.

Since this card is six years old it seems a reasonable trade off.

I used Ubuntu 15.10, the last one with fglrx drivers in the repository and it works...kinda.

The card really struggles, especially with Chrome/Chromium. When I try to resize any Chrome window to more than 25% of the screen it stops redrawing this window and it won't resume until the browser process is killed and restarted.

I've haven't used Windows for ages except for a full screen steam machine, and it works in that mode just fine, although the performance is awful.

Some games can play 3840x2160 on this card (Defense Grid 2 works fine for example), yet majority of them are unplayable until you lower resolution to 1080p.

I've bought this monitor knowing that I'll soon be upgrading to a new GPU, but for time being I was surprised how this old card can drive a display with so many pixels.